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Promoting General Aviation Since 1960!

Mission: To Advance and Protect the Interests in Aviation in Washington State through Advocacy, Outreach, Education, and Social Activities.

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The 4 Pillars

The Washington Pilot’s Association started in 1960 and has grown to over 1500 members statewide and includes 20 chapters. Since it’s inception the WPA has built upon the 4 pillars of why we exist. Whether you’re a veteran pilot or just discovered a passion for aviation, we are proud to welcome new members who share the wonders of flight in the Pacific Northwest! You are the voice of all pilots flying in our state and we know that strength in numbers works.


Preserving Your Right to Fly

Working closely with Airport Managers, Local Sponsors, WSDOT, State Legislators, and the FAA.


Aviation Benefits Everyone

Coordinating Airport Open Houses and presenting the benefits of GA to Media and Civic Groups


Learn More About Aviation!

Organizing Hands On Safety and Maintenance Seminars for pilots and also sponsoring Aviation Scholarships.

Social Activities

Connect with Friends

Supporting and coordinating hangar picnics, parties, fly-ins, spot landing contests, and monthly meetings.


Each chapter in our association is just as unique as the members. From the urban cities of Seattle and Spokane to the mountains and valleys in between, we have a chapter near you! And if not we can create a new chapter to continue our mission of ensuring facilities and policies are in place to enable the spirit of adventure to continue to take flight today and in the future of general aviation!

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Member at Large

President’s Message

John Dobson – President


Why is it that some chapters appear to be more successful than others? Why do some chapters have more members, more seminars, more f ly-outs, more social events, etc.? Do they have better Management, Energy, Vision, Messaging, or do they just like to do more of what we all enjoy . . . like flying and socializing? Some might say that successful chapters have access to more pilots. If true then why is the Colville Chapter more active than the Olympia Chapter? (Twice the membership but access to only 10% of the pilot count)

The Membership Renewal Postcards were sent out the first week of November. We promised great changes with a renewed sense of energy at the State and Chapter Levels. During our November 14th Board Meeting we reviewed a number of initiatives that will help every pilot and chapter. Here is just a sample;

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Political Action Committee
Youth Aviation Scholarship Fund

The Wings newsletter is published bi-monthly and covers aviation activities in the Pacific Northwest, happenings in our organization’s chapters and local airports, and the adventures of our members.

Aviation Academy

Every year during April and May the Paine Chapter offers a class for students ages 13-18 to learn about all things aviation. This includes ground school and a flight at graduation! The academy is taught by an all volunteer group of some of the most experienced private, commercial, and military pilots in the world. Our text books will provide your student with flight theory and our volunteers will talk about their experiences.


Kevin Kelly

Lead Instructor


Greg Bell

2nd in Command

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